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tripleddistilledvodka600Handcrafted from only the finest estate grown grapes, Crown Valley's Tripled Distilled Vodka is made in a custom still and cold filtered. This premium vodka has a distinct, fresh nose and subtly sweet overtones followed with an ultra-smooth finish.

blackberryvodka600Made with Crown Valley's farm raised blackberries. The nose of our Blackberry Vodka has fruity blackberry notes and is great for mixing or enjoying on the rocks. Perfect for drinking on a hot summer day.

pinklemonadevodka600The nose of our Pink Lemonade Vodka is sweet with citrus notes. This vodka has a great combination of sweet and tart flavors. A perfect drink for front porch sippin'.

pumpkincheesecakevodka600This Vodka has hints of warm spices on the nose. This Pumpkin Cheesecake Vodka boasts flavors of cream cheese,  pumpkin and spices for a perfect dessert. 

vokdaProduced in small batches from a custom made still to achieve the ultimate level of purity. This vodka has a distinct, fresh nose with sweet overtones. This vodka exhibits a genuine presence of luxury, resulting in an ultra-smooth finish. 

coldwaterwhiskey600Nestled in the hills of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri is a spring fed creek that inspired the namesake of this Coldwater Whiskey. The local distillers of Crown Valley Distillery combined the knowledge of artistry and distilled spirits to create a one of a kind whiskey that flows smooth over the rocks, like cold creekwater.Sip this fine whiskey, it’s sure to chill you with its robust taste and history.

This spirit is distilled from malts with natural flavor. The nose of our Elderberry Whiskey is sweet with a tart taste. A great malt whiskey that compares to Grandma's Elderberry pie, just with a lil' kick.

peachiecreammoonshine600The nose of our Peachie Cream is sweet with a smooth, creamy taste at the end. This distilled spirit has a great combination of sweet Missouri peaches from Bader Farms in Campbell, Mo mixed with a rich cream. A perfect drink for front porch sippin'.

moonshine-malt-whiskey600White moonshine that renders a uniquely raw and chewy sweetness. Served neat with a splash of water or on the rocks, our whiskey signifies a sense of the "Good Old Days" in every glass.


This locally distilled & bottled American Style Gin, is crafted using 10 different Botanical's.  And being 100% neutral spirits Distilled from grapes makes this gluten free.