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Crown Valley

blackberry cider - 12 Oz.

 This semi-sweet cider uses Midwest blackberries to enhance the flavor and aroma of our hard apple cider.

Style- Cider

Alcohol- 5.0%

Hops - na

Malts - na

IBU - na

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Country Carriage Cider
This cider is light golden color, a semi-sweet version of a classic American cider. This cider has a great apple flavor with a touch of effervescence.


Strawberry Cider
This cider has a slight golden pink color...


Raspberry Wheat
Popularized by the brewpub explosion from the late 80’s onward. The style is open to the brewers’ interpretation.


Plowboy Porter
This beer is brewed with a generous amount of chocolate malts. Chocolate refers to the color of the malt not the flavor that comes out of them.

Food Pairings


Rich Chocolate Cake

Red Wine Sauce

Find a Tasting Near You

Find a Tasting Near You

Growing a Missouri Legend

The Product

All beers are produced in the state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery.

The Brewery

Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling features handcrafted brews made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brewmaster, Carl Wiersma.

the people

The full picture paints itself after the first sip. With Crown Valley, it’s all about the effervescence in your glass.