Crown Valley Winery
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Crown Valley

Big Bison Ale

A rich, malty, full-bodied very complex beer. This beer is deep ruby color. The palate has a malty sweetness with notes of caramel and other complex flavors. Large amounts of candy sugar add to complexity.

Style-Belgian Dubbel

Alcohol-7.2% ABV

Hops -Hallertau Pearl, EKGoldings

Malts - Pale, Munich 1, CaraRed, Special B, Black

IBU - <23

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Black Cabin Smoked Ale
The flavorful, smoky undertones of our smoked ale are enhanced by the chocolate, black and smoked malt.


Barnwood Blonde>
Brewed with German malts, wheat and noble hops has as a rich golden color and a slightly sweet aroma and palate.


Farmhouse Lager
Our Farmhouse Lager is brewed with generous amounts of Vienna malt, which brings this light bodied beer to new dimensions with a refreshing finis


Old School Pilsener
The original light colored, clear beer first brewed in 1842.

Food Pairings


Rich Chocolate Cake

Red Wine Sauce

Find a Tasting Near You

Find a Tasting Near You

Growing a Missouri Legend

The Product

All beers are produced in the state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery.

The Brewery

Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling features handcrafted brews made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brewmaster, Carl Wiersma.

the people

The full picture paints itself after the first sip. With Crown Valley, it’s all about the effervescence in your glass.